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union soldier, confederate, cannon, artillery, camps While military photography had existed some fifteen years before, the American Civil War (1861-1865) was the first war to be photographed intensively. Americans for the first time saw vivid and horrific photographs of maimed and dying fellow citizens in agony slowly withering away on a battlefield hundreds of miles away from their homes. These photographs began revealing to Americans images that newspapers could not write: Did the war have to be this cruel? What are we fighting for?

Daily photographs showed towns being pillaged, men executed, bloody trenches of dead brothers and pictures of the worst of humanity. But these same photographs also showed men of resilence, character and leadership. Many people for the first time saw Robert E. Lee. Many more got their first glimpse of General Grant. Lincoln. Jackson. They all showed one common theme: these soldiers out there were their brothers, fathers and uncles.

Thanks to a group of dedicated and unselfish pioneers in this new era of photography, men like George Barnard and Mathew Brady were able to capture a part of the American Civil War that you will never forget. We welcome you to view their images.


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